for Renewal

The United States of America, born of noble ideals and aspiring to high purpose, has been an exemplar of self-government to humankind. Thus, when in our democratic republic, forces of conspiracy, division, and extremism arise, it is the patriotic duty of citizens to act collectively in defense of liberty and justice. We therefore call for an American renewal and do so in partnership with others committed to the preservation of our Union. With abiding belief in the value and potential of every soul and with goodwill for all, we hereby dedicate ourselves to these principles and make common cause in the flourishing of the great state of Utah, America and its diverse states, communities, and citizens.

1. Reaffirm our founding ideals

We reaffirm the self-evident truth that all persons are created equal and free, having the same inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that it is the prerogative of all to make personal decisions in accordance with their free will. We therefore condemn all forms of bigotry such as racism, antisemitism and other religious intolerance, sexism, and persecution based on sexual orientation.

2. Defend the Constitution

We uphold the Constitution as the inviolable and collective contract protecting liberty and justice for all, and honor the essential separation and balance it establishes among coequal branches of the federal government and the states.

3. Protect American democracy

We seek the preservation and betterment of our democratic republic and the endurance of our self-government, free from foreign interference. We support reforms that make our system more accessible, transparent, and competitive, oppose the intentional disenfranchisement of voters, and reject extremism, whether of the right or the left.

4. Seek and promote truth

We recognize truth and reason as essential to a free and just society, and expect our leaders, citizens, and press to seek and promote them. We oppose the employment of fear mongering, conspiracy theories, and falsehoods and instead support evidence-based policymaking and honest discourse.

5. Uphold the rule of law

We maintain that the impartial rule of law is essential to a free and just society to protect the rights, safety and property of all people. No one is above the law, including public officials, and our criminal justice system must treat everyone equally without discrimination based on race, status or other unrelated factors.

6. Demand ethical government

We demand that public officials and aspiring leaders act in the best interests of the country – even when in conflict with their political parties – and with integrity and honor, the absence of which is a harbinger for abuses of power that threaten the republic.

7. Preserve American pluralism

We are committed to a pluralistic society defined by its ideals and welcoming to immigrants rightfully seeking safety, opportunity, and a better life by becoming contributing members of our diverse nation. We reject the notion that America should be defined by the races, birthplaces, religious affiliations, or partisan identities of its founders or groups of citizens.

8. Promote civic responsibility

We believe that all Americans share civic responsibility, which is essential for our self-government and national success. Thriving communities are built by dutifully engaged citizens and good faith efforts to overcome differences with mutual respect and the bonds of civil affection. The solutions to many of America’s greatest challenges can only be found in our diverse communities.

9. Expand economic opportunity

We recognize open, market-based economies as consistent with our natural liberty and the optimal means of ensuring economic mobility and the allocation of scarce resources. Capitalism, while insufficient to address all matters of the public interest, has made America the most prosperous nation on earth and is the engine for innovation and economic growth. We support sensible and limited regulation, including to ensure equal opportunity, and affirm government’s vital role in assisting vulnerable citizens, while encouraging self-reliance without the impediments of cronyism and corruption.

10. Sustain freedom of speech

We reaffirm the Constitution’s guarantee of free speech and freedom of the press as essential to accountable government and the American way of life. We sustain the rights of individuals and private entities to exercise this freedom, even to express unpopular views, and condemn efforts to erode press freedom and public support for its vital role.

11. Honor our conservation responsibilities

We consider vital our shared stewardship of America’s resources – natural, environmental, and financial. We accept responsibility to conserve for ourselves and future generations these public assets, and to protect them from both natural and man-made harms.

12. Advance our common defense and general welfare

We uphold that government is instituted by the people to secure those essential, collective goods that individuals cannot attain for themselves, particularly providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare. We therefore support policies that further public safety, health, and defense as required for enduring national sovereignty and prosperity.

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Chip in now to support Evan McMullin for US Senate to break the political gridlock and bridge the partisan divide.


Evan McMullin is a proud Utahn, former undercover CIA officer and chief policy director in Congress, who ran for president in 2016 as an independent.

Evan grew up in a family like many in America, one that struggled to put food on the table and heat their home in the winter. At an early age, Evan learned the value of hard work and to always honor family and country.

Inspired by books and movies at age 15, Evan contacted the CIA and asked to join. He was told to call back when he was older. After graduating from high school and serving a two-year mission to Brazil for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Agency recruited Evan into its student trainee program while he was attending Brigham Young University. He alternated semesters between training at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA and school until he graduated.

During those years, Evan spent time in Israel and Jordan studying Arabic and working for a refugee resettlement program. From a young age, Evan learned of similar histories in his own family. His mother’s grandparents had left Poland around the time of World War II seeking greater opportunity in America and, nearly one hundred years earlier, Evan’s paternal ancestors were driven into the Great Plains and the mountains of Utah by religious persecution.

After completing his CIA service, earning an MBA at Wharton, and working in the private sector, Evan was called back to service, advising Republicans and Democrats in Congress on national security and other issues from 2013-2016. In 2017, Evan co-founded Stand Up Republic, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization which led efforts across the country to unite Republicans and Democrats against extremist movements and politicians in defense of American democracy.

Evan believes America has reached a crossroads between chaotic decline and continued progress towards a more perfect union. Political extremes don’t represent the majority of Utahns, or Americans more broadly, yet they’ve polarized the nation and now prevent it from overcoming major challenges. From droughts to forest fires, water shortages, the rising cost of health care, and a never-ending pandemic, America requires leaders who unite instead of divide, finding solutions based on truth and common ground.

With an eye towards service, honor and civility, coupled with a deep love of country and conviction about what America must be, Evan McMullin is poised and ready to continue his service as Utah’s next United States Senator.